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Fluffy Winter Meringues

{Believe} it or not, on the last day of this Thanksgiving weekend, I had an urge to bake just one more thing. Plus, I had some left over egg whites in the fridge I wanted to use up. “Waste not, want not” is what I still hear my mom saying to me :) There is something to be said about this simple, yet sort of complex delicacy. {Preheat} oven to 200 degrees The food products you will need: 3 large […]

Breakfast for Dessert!

I love this idea that Martha Stewart Weddings posted today- Breakfast for dessert! I always liked the idea of a ‘night-cap’ for your guests of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk or Fresh Hot Chocolate. If your wedding lasts into the hours of the night, send your guests off with a delicious breakfast!

Mini Desserts

This wedding/party trend is so cute and so memorable for your guests- petite food! Whether it be bite-sized burgers and fries or small sweet treats, it’s always a crowd pleaser.

Unexpected Arrangements

Going outside the ‘norm’ for any event leaves your guests saying- “Why has no one ever thought of that!”. Which as Martha would put it, “Is a good thing”. Check out this beautiful arrangement of flowers which sprawls out of the vase sideways, instead of in a traditional bouquet shape, from…

Bloomington Playwrights Annual Gala 09/03/2010

My first time helping with a fundraiser gala was amazing! I met many awesome people who were truly passionate about what they bring to our community. Thanks BPP and good luck with your next season!