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The Christmas {Ruffle Cake}

Well folks, here it is…The Christmas Ruffle Cake!

It's so pretty! The whole process was super easy and I wanna share with you how to do it in case you want to make one for your holiday celebrations!


























I needed to come up with a design for a two tiered cake that was going to be used for a family Christmas photo shoot at the very talented, Richardson's Studio. The shoot was going to get messy and required "a lot of icing!"... that was part of my inspiration! The other part was from one of my favorite 'baker bloggers' Amanda over at 'i am baker', love her stuff! I stumbled upon this beautiful technique of 'Ruffling' your icing...


























{I made a whippy vanilla buttercream for the grand event...I used a delish recipe from Sweetapolita. You won't be disappointed if you try it.}

{Then, I crumb coated the cake...and usually do a crummy job at it, hehe}

Then I put on my favorite apron of my moms, and went to ruffle work! {I probably should have put this on when I was mixing the cake, baking, making the really I just wore it to cover up my messy ivory shirt}

{I ruffled from bottom to top using a #104 piping tip. The icing bag is held vertically and the large end of the tip is slightly touching the cake as you pipe back and forth up the side of the cake. I watched a tutorial before I began, it really helped! I'll link it below. Also, chill your cakes at least 30 min. before decorating.}

{I added a little bit of love on the back of the cake}













































































































This would be beautiful for a wedding, shower or birthday too! Hope you liked it.

Merry Christmas! xo Morgan


I am Baker….awesome baking blog. This is the Ruffle Cake I was inspired by.

Ruffle Cake Tutorial that I watched before hand…it really helped.

Sweetapolita….another awesome baking blog. Here is the icing recipe for her Whipped Vanilla Frosting. I want to make this cake next!

Richardson’s Studio, where all the fun will happen!

Love this Pinned Ruffle Cake, and this Pin, and this One too.


4 Responses to “The Christmas {Ruffle Cake}”

  1. Ali says:

    This is gorgeous! What is the red layer that coats the cake?

    • Morgan Banks says:

      Thanks Ali!!! I actually just made a red buttercream and frosted the tops of the crumb-coated cakes, and a little bit of the side before I did the ruffle pattern.

  2. So pretty! Love that sweet touch of the little heart!