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Summer {Birthday}

Ah…summer birthdays. I imagine that they are the best. It’s warm, it’s sunny, you’re not in school and you get to see all your friends! But alas, that was my sisters life :) I do remember a pony ride at one of her July birthday celebrations…I, in March, never got a pony, we were all just lucky to have electricity, or not get hit by lightening, or pelted with quarter sized hail. There is the good chance of an awesome rainbow though :) But, I did get to celebrate all those birthdays in the summer with her, and that worked too because it involved pizza and cake usually.


So, before I ventured west to help my sister and her cute little family, that includes: 1. adorable baby-dew, Athena 2. One cute Greek husband and 3. Three furry bunnies, move from one state to another {Iowa, then Wisconsin},  I stopped at one of my favorite, fool proof gift/everything stores, Pier 1. I loved strolling through the colorful store, picking out a yummy smelling candle and awesome red tin and glass lantern to put it in.  Also, the colorful gift bags I found to use, were the reusable kind for the grocery, and a smaller one for lunch to take to school or work!






What do you think? Would you like to receive this as a summer birthday gift?

Happy Summer!

Thanks to {Pier One} for inspiration
More gift wrapping ideas at {Real Simple} or here, of course on {Pinterest}


2 Responses to “Summer {Birthday}”

  1. Ali says:

    Ummm…YES, I WOULD like to receive it as a summer birthday gift. And I’m oh-so-glad that I did!

    Thank you to my wonderful sister for this treat :D You’re the BEST!!!

  2. Diane says:

    Very chic. The footed box is so cute. The ensemble, as a whole, exudes familiar nostalgia. Love it!