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Athena’s 1st Birthday!

Weeeellllll! My baby niece turned 1 last weekend! Such an amazing age. You really see them turning into little people…with personalities…and the capability to think about stuff….and they’re really mobile {though be it they seem drunk all the time, so my husband says…which is true, and amusing}.

Any who, my sis is amazing at so many things DIY, and who knows where that came from?! Maybe if I pop out a child, I’ll be extra DIY and crafty too! Or it perhaps it’s been hiding in her all this time and in the past she was busy becoming a doctor, soooooo, time was probably limited :)

Let’s start from the beginning…all the way in Bloomington, Indiana. I was summoned by my sister to create some cute fondant decorations for the Athena’s cake and bring them along my journey to Madison, Wisconsin. And here it is, a little girl owl with a cute little bow in her hair. She made the trip!! All the airport employees wanted to eat her, but don’t worry, I kept her safe…

Baby Girl Fondant Owl...

Colorful Pom Poms

Athena's Party Dress...

Athena's Party hat!

Lots of Presents!

More Presents...

Whoooo is it for?

Some of the Guests...

Auntie's Present to herself...

Ready for cake...

Cake? or Ribbon? Which one tastes better?

The Footies

The Cake!

A Little bunny surprise of fondant on the back of the cake! {It was Easter too!}

And then it Happened...

And, we'll leave it at that!


PS Athena still isn’t sure which taste’s better..ribbon, or cake? I’ll keep you updated if she decides.

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2 Responses to “Athena’s 1st Birthday!”

  1. Diane Heckley says:

    Beautiful photography!

  2. Allison says:

    Some of YOUR DIY talent must have rubbed off on me!

    Thanks for the amazing cake decor and great photography. You’re the BEST aunt a babydoo could want ;)