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{Sock Monkeys} are Timeless…

One would think that I am super sad that the Holiday season is officially over {according to the government, that was at 12am on Tuesday}

Any who, I sadly waved goodbye to my pregnant sister and her Greek {and cute} husband as they ventured back to Iowa today where they live {she works for the government ;} and was super sad {so were the doggies}

Then I thought… sock monkeys. Normal reaction to sadness, right?


However, Sock Monkey SLIPPERS are even better. So, I bought them for my new nephew or niece from .

I ordered them up, got them in the mail, fell in love with them instantly, but thought they were a bit too large for a baby. More like, a toddler. But then I remembered…{Sock Monkeys} never go outta style, the kid will grow into them :)

Here’s a link to make your very own, albeit cute.. SOCK MONKEY{S}!



Just remember. It all comes back to the {sock monkey}


2 Responses to “{Sock Monkeys} are Timeless…”

  1. Sali says:

    Your fetal relative LOVES the new sock monkey slippers. We’ll just stuff some tissue paper in the toes until he/she grows into them- more time to enjoy!