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The Christmas {Ruffle Cake}

Well folks, here it is…The Christmas Ruffle Cake!                                                                                                                                                 […]

Trying to be Martha…

In the February issue of Martha, there they were….staring at me in all their deliciousness. {Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel} mmm…. So, naturally I had to make them and say to myself, “I will just eat a couple, then take the rest around to friends and family tomorrow.” Totally justifiying the whole thing. But in reality, I probably ate over half the batch. But WORTH IT! They are amazing and I encourage you to make them yourself. These would […]

{Bridal Boot Camp} Special. K. Chewy. Bars.

OK…clearly it makes sense that I {heart} Valentines Day :) and always want an excuse to make sweets so….These Special K Chewy bars are a perfect way to share the love with your friends, while indulging in them first….’cause Special K cereal is good for you and stuff… {They have} yummy ingredients like, peanut butter, butter and Nutter Butters mmmm….{lots of butters. but yet, still good for you. hmmm..} and brown sugar… and this is how you do it…{nah nah […]

Fluffy Winter Meringues

{Believe} it or not, on the last day of this Thanksgiving weekend, I had an urge to bake just one more thing. Plus, I had some left over egg whites in the fridge I wanted to use up. “Waste not, want not” is what I still hear my mom saying to me :) There is something to be said about this simple, yet sort of complex delicacy. {Preheat} oven to 200 degrees The food products you will need: 3 large […]

Mmm…Guiltless Zucchini & Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Ok, after all the delectible cake I try my hardest to avoid in my, “cake filled” life, it was time to indulge! I tried this amazing recipe from Fitness Magazine and added my personal touch by replacing half the flour with whole wheat flour, using egg whites and adding zucchini AND carrots to the batter, also adding applesauce to cut half the veggie oil. Grocery List:Cooking Spray1 c White Flour1 c Whole Wheat Flour1 c packed Brown Sugar3/4 c Raw […]

Art thou…Holy Guacamole with 4 ingredients

My husband and I Love guacamole more than anything! And where there’s Guacamole…there’s a good time. I make many variations, but this classic always seems to be the favorite… 2 Ripe Avocados; scooped out of shell and diced into small pieces1 Vine Ripe Tomato; seeded and diced into small piecesJuice of 1 small limeGarlic Salt or fresh minced garlic to taste Stir all ingredients together and let sit at room temperature for 10-20 min. Serve with yummy chips!

Do-it-Yourself Delicious favors…Lemon Drop Cookies

On my much needed lazy Sunday (favorite day of the month ;) I had some leftover lemon curd from the baby shower cake I made earlier in the week. I chose a very simple shortbread recipe and filled the finished product with my pre-made, delicious lemon curd. This would be a wonderful, delicate and rich wedding favor for your guests. A perfect palette cleanser too! Start with 3 sticks of unsalted butter, room temperatureAnd cream with 1c Sugar until blended […]

Edible Doggies

Check out these cute Westies that I made for Tiffany and Chris’s wedding cake last weekend! So sweet and so personal…