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Alli loves Ryan {An August Wedding} Columbus, Indiana

The more I stare at these photos and relive the wonderful weekend of Alli and Ryan’s wedding, the more I fall in love with it all over again! The soft mints, blues, peaches, and all the little personalized details of this wedding day just has me smitten! Both the bride and groom, residing in the quaint town of Columbus, Indiana, really had a perfect wedding day in my book! The ceremony was held at Asbury United Methodist Church complete with a ribbon wand send off into the grooms classic green ford pick up truck. I wouldn’t be surprised if they themed their wedding pallet around that truck! It was perfect..and I am also glad it started ;) The reception was held in an urban setting, Factory 12 Event Loft, one of my favorite event spaces in Columbus! The show stopper was an amazing floral and candle sculpture built by the groom hanging over the head table, it was stunning! Another very special touch was the coffee station sign that was custom made by the bride’s father, it was so cool! {check it out near the end} The day was captured perfectly by Katie Destry Photography! Hope you enjoy! XOXO! Morgan

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Shout out the amazing vendors!
Wedding Planning/Coordinating: me! Ashley Weddings & Events
Photography: Katie Destry Photography
Ceremony: Asbury United Methodist Church
Reception: Factory 12 Event Loft
Caricature Artist {so cool!}: Bob East
Florals: J. Sims Floral Designs
Catering/Bar: Gethin Thomas Catering
Cake: Mark and Beth Schultz
Band: Indy Express Band
Hair/Makeup: Leslie White Hair and Makeup
Tux: Dell Brothers
Accommodations: Hotel Indigo