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{Bridal Boot Camp} Special. K. Chewy. Bars.

OK…clearly it makes sense that I {heart} Valentines Day :) and always want an excuse to make sweets so….These Special K Chewy bars are a perfect way to share the love with your friends, while indulging in them first….’cause Special K cereal is good for you and stuff…

{They have} yummy ingredients like, peanut butter, butter and Nutter Butters mmmm….{lots of butters. but yet, still good for you. hmmm..}


and brown sugar…

and this is how you do it…{nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah}

Food Items you will need:

{1 lb} nutter butter cookies
{4 c} Special K cereal
{1/2 c} butter
{1 c} karo syrup
{1 c} brown sugar
{1/2 c} peanut butter
{1 tsp} vanilla extract

Required Topping
{12 oz} pkg semi~sweet chocolate chips
{1/3 c} peanut butter

Let’s do this! …

*grind up those nutter butters in your food processor until course. place in a bowl with the cereal.

*in large saucepan combine butter, karo syrup, & brown sugar. cook over medium high heat until bubbly, stirring once in awhile (approx. 3 min.). take off of heat.

*stir in peanut butter and vanilla until combined.

*add in cereal and cookies and stir it up!

*unload yummy goo into a buttered 9×13 in pan and spread evenly

*microwave chocolate chips and remaining PB in microwave safe bowl and spread it on top. you’re suppose to let it cool and cut into small proportionate sizes. {or scoop some out while everything is warm…whatever.}


to make it valentines day-ee…
I made small white chocolate hearts {with added red food coloring} using melted chocolate and a ziplock bag. I cut a {tiny} bit off the end and piped onto silpat {or waxed paper}